To this day, I remember the day I decided to live today with no boundaries. What happened the next day? Nothing! But that’s okay.

To have money, you need money. Daily thoughts in your head should be about money.

If you want to be rich, you have to be rich now. If you want to be successful, you have to be successful now (in your head).

And if this is all frustrating, no problem. It means you have to get used to it.

I know the feeling when I had to answer or decide questions I didn’t even have a faint purple steam.

I know how desperate to be clueless… If you’re in a situation like this right now, my only advice would be on what to do: “Imagine being done by a professional!”

"You have to believe that limitations only exist in your mind!"



National University of Uzhhorod / International Relations

National University of Uzhhorod / International Relations I continued my studies on the principle of "A good priest studies to the dead" in 2016, which resulted in the MsC degree in International Relations, obtained in 2019 at the Faculty of Economics of the National University of Uzhhorod.


B&M Capital Investment Ltd. / Owner & CEO

Private market investment opportunities, highly vetted by our experienced team.


Euro Consult Agency Kft / Founder, Managing Director

Founder and managing director at Euro Consult Agency Kft which was founded in 2012 and based in Budapest. The company's main activities are operating in international law and financial consulting. Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Budapest until 2014.


E-Mission Nature and Environment Association

Professional coordinator in the "E-Mission Nature and Environment Association".


Ukrainian subsidiary / managing director of "WS Teleshop" International

Establishment of the Ukrainian subsidiary "WS Teleshop" International Telemarketing company and filling the position of Managing Director.

2007/03 - 2007/04

Crest Resource Center / Community Development and Tender Writing in the European Union

In 2007, I participated in a series of “International Economic Decision Models in Practice” organized in Romania, for which I successfully completed my assessment qualification.


Bereg County Regional Development Council / Networking among innovative enterprises

Obtaining a successful qualification as a networking expert between innovative companies.


Gordiusz Hungarian Student Association / Youth policy, non - profit activity

Filling the position of vice-president of the non-profit organization dealing with youth policy of the Gordiusz Hungarian Student Association.


University of Debrecen / Russian linguist

I graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Debrecen as a Russian linguist. It may be strange at first how attractive I may be to linguistics, but in retrospect, it has resulted in countless Russian business relationships that have flourished to this day.


Strategic Planning

In strategic planning, I help give your business tangible tools to help you quickly adapt to environmental movements. All this in the form of a developed strategic plan based on 23 steps.

Angel Investing

There are some start-up businesses, ideas that have won my liking so much that I already feel part of them.
In this case (Angel Investor) we can cooperate as a Business Angel investor, during which I provide you with a full professional team in addition to the capital.

Capital investment

I help to ensure that your 70-90% developed business idea, which is stuck in one of the planning phases, is fully developed first, and then that the plan or idea becomes a working business.

Property Management

In asset management, financial planning and implementation, I help to create and analyze transparent and accountable investments that can be used to build a simple profitable portfolio, be it government securities or equities.

What do you need for a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS?

You may be familiar with the phenomenon when you feel you have a fantastic idea that you tell anyone, leave them cold and say to him, “Get down on the ground please, this is nonsense!”.

I know this has happened to me too… If you are purposeful and persistent enough, the moment will come when your business will start and the idea will become a real business.

Then many new people will knock on your door to do something for them.

This moment, however, is not given so easily. In addition to purposefulness and perseverance, countless other factors are needed to achieve this.

The most important, in addition to purposeful and persistent behavior, are: a well-chosen team, open communication and a mentor.

Since the beginning of my business, I have testified that 1% of the energy of 100 people is worth more than the 100% energy of 1 person.

In vain do you want to do everything because you think it should be this way, by the end you will get tired and burn out, which is a straight path to bankruptcy.

In the course of my work, I have found on my own skin that in every unsuccessful business or initiative there is inadequate communication, which causes one to start building on assumptions.

Communicate openly with both your co-worker and your partner.


Tax knowledge